Q: How do I get to your office?
A: We're located behind the Everest College on 35th South in West Valley City. Here is a map to our location.

Q: Can you fix Decayed Teeth?
A: Absolutely.  We use a tooth-colored filling instead of the silver amalgam fillings that were so popular in the past.  The filling is made of a composite resin to match the color of your teeth to ensure you have a happy, protected smile.

Q: Can you repair Chipped & Worn Teeth?
A: Chipped teeth are actually more common than you'd think.  In some cases we can take care of the tooth in a single visit using bonding or enamel shaping.  If it's a serious chip we will likely a dental veneer or crown.  In every case the tooth will look fantastic.

Q: Can you fix a Broken Tooth?
A: Yes.  Similar procedures are used for chipped or worn teeth so depending on the scenario we'll figure out the best solution for your particular case.

Q: How do you fix gaps in teeth?
A: There are a variety of ways to fix gaps in teeth.  After examining the gap we will determine which option would best improve your smile.  In some cases simple teeth bands will do the trick.  Otherwise we may want to look into bonding or braces.

Q: What if I have a missing tooth?
A: Missing teeth are not a problem and can be very easily remedied using veneers, bridges, or other implants.